Juniper xconnect configuration

Understanding the Factory-Default Configuration. Mapping the Chassis Cluster Ports. Understanding Management Access.

Example: Configuring MPLS-Based Layer 2 VPNs

The services gateway is shipped with the Juniper Networks Junos operating system Junos OS preinstalled and ready to be configured when the device is powered on.

If a USB flash drive is not inserted into the USB connector or if the attempt otherwise fails, the device next tries the CompactFlash card, and finally the internal flash memory. You can perform the initial software configuration of the services gateway by using the browser-based setup wizard or by using the command-line interface CLI.

Before configuring the device, gather the configuration information required to deploy the device in your network. At minimum, the setup wizard requires the following information:. Your services gateway comes configured with a factory-default configuration. This configuration sets up the following network topology:. A security policy is created that permits outbound traffic from the trust zone to the untrust zone. Inbound traffic originating in the untrust zone is blocked. A DHCP server running on this interface automatically assigns your management device an IP address in the same subnetwork as the interface, allowing your management device to communicate with the services gateway through this interface.

Downloading of purchased licenses from the setup wizard is available only in Junos OS Release Configuration of a chassis cluster —Perform the initial configuration of the chassis cluster using a console connection. Before you perform the initial configuration, connect the built-in Ethernet ports as follows:.

When you enable chassis clustering as part of configuring the chassis cluster, the management interface fxp0 is automatically created on this port. When you enable chassis clustering, the control interface between the two devices fxp1 is automatically created on this port. You must also make another connection between the two devices for the fabric link. You can use any available Gigabit Ethernet port for this connection.

You must configure the interface you choose as the fabric link. For more information on configuring chassis clusters, see the Security Basics topic.

On the SRX Services Gateway, the fxp1 port is not user-configurable when the services gateway is operating in chassis cluster mode. The fxp0 port is dedicated as the out-of-band management port for each device in the chassis cluster setup.

IS-IS Configuration

The fxp1 port is dedicated as the chassis-cluster control port. Junos OS automatically creates the fxp0 and fxp1 interfaces on these ports when the SRX Services Gateway is operating in chassis cluster mode. Interfaces for Security Devices. Security Basics.The L2VPN Multisegment Pseudowires feature enables you to configure two or more Layer 2 pseudowire segments that function as a single pseudowire. The L2VPN Multisegment Pseudowires feature span multiple cores or autonomous systems of the same or different carrier networks.

juniper xconnect configuration

Your software release may not support all the features documented in this module. For the latest caveats and feature information, see Bug Search Tool and the release notes for your platform and software release.

To find information about the features documented in this module, and to see a list of the releases in which each feature is supported, see the feature information table. Use Cisco Feature Navigator to find information about platform support and Cisco software image support.

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To access Cisco Feature Navigator, go to www. An account on Cisco. FEC is not supported. Attachment circuits are bounded to the PW on these PE routers. It is also known as switched PW. MS-PWs span multiple cores or autonomous systems of the same or different carrier networks.

Establishes a pseudowire class with a name that you specify, and enters pseudowire class configuration mode. Optional Enables the advertisement of the switching point type-length variable TLV in the label binding.

Verifying an MPLS Layer 2 VPN Configuration

Provides a description of the switching provider edge router for a multisegment pseudowire. Also specify the pseudowire class to use for the emulated VC. Only two neighbor commands are allowed for each l2 vfi point-to-point command. Establishes an interface pseudowire with a value that you specify, and enters pseudowire configuration mode. Only two member commands are allowed for each l2vpn xconnect context command.

Use the show mpls l2transport binding command to display information about the pseudowire switching point, as shown in bold in the output. Use the show mpls l2transport vc detail command to display status of the pseudowire switching point.

In the following example, the output shown in bold displays the segment that is the source of the fault of the multisegment pseudowire:. Use the show l2vpn atom binding command to display information about the pseudowire switching point, as shown in bold in the output.

Use the show l2vpn atom vc detail command to display status of the pseudowire switching point. You can use the ping mpls and trace mpls commands to verify that all the segments of the MPLS multisegment pseudowire are operating.

You can use the ping mpls command to verify connectivity at the following pseudowire points:. You can use the trace mpls command to verify connectivity at the following pseudowire points:. If you enter two segment numbers, the traceroute operation will perform a trace on that range of routers. To perform a trace operation from T-PE1 to segment 2 of the multisegment pseudowire, enter the following command:.

To perform a trace operation on a range of segments, enter the following command. The following command performs a trace operation on S-PE router No new or modified MIBs are supported by this feature, and support for existing MIBs has not been modified by this feature.I appreciate you for this blog.

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juniper xconnect configuration

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While configuring Junos E device I just wondering shall I confgure Xconnect & PPPoE….

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Search This Blog. Here is the following scenario:. This is taken from a production network which I configured lately to one of our customers.

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Configure the physical ingress router interface for Configure the appropriate interfaces as units under the physical interface:. Now configure the Layer-2 circuit under protocols:.

The configurations are per neighbor and for each VLAN configure a separate interface and interface settings. Apply commit. Configure the physical interface:. Configure the logical interface:. Save the configuration:. Router config wr.The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment.

All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared default configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command. In many situations, you require a solution in order to aggregate WiFi traffic from hotspots to a central location. In such cases, the solution needs to allow customer premise equipment CPE devices to bridge the Ethernet traffic from the end host, and encapsulate the packages through the Ethernet traffic to an endpoint.

Although regular bridging strips the VLAN header from incoming packets, the use of Integrated Routing and Bridging IRB on the router can route and bridge the same network layer protocol on the same interface and still allow the router to maintain the VLAN header from one interface to another.

Note : When you configure the bridge-group on the Tunnel interface on older Cisco IOS versions, the IOS reports that the command is unreleased and unsupported, but it still accepts the command. In more recent versions, this command is completely obsolete, and the error message displays.

The previous solution is not supported by Cisco. The supported solution for bridging an L2 network is to use L2TPv3 as described in this document. L2TPv3 provides support for the transport of various L2 protocols like Ethernet, The focus of this document is Ethernet extension. This setup is very basic. Routers r and r serve as hosts on the same network, while r and r have one L3 interface and one L2 interface.

juniper xconnect configuration

The objective is to set up the L2TPv3 connection such that r and r are able to ping each other without the requirement of any routes.

Note : Use the Command Lookup Tool registered customers only in order to obtain more information on the commands used in this section. In order to display detailed information about the L2TP control channels that are set up to other L2TP-enabled devices for all L2TP sessions on the router, use the show l2tun tunnel all command.

In order to verify that the L2TPv3 encapsulation works properly, ping a host at the remote site that is supposed to be on the same VLAN. If the ping is succesful, you can use this command in order to confirm that your configuration works properly.

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The Output Interpreter Tool registered customers only supports certain show commands. Use the Output Interpreter Tool in order to view an analysis of show command output. Contents Introduction.A Gossamer Threads company. Login Register Help. Mailing List Archive GT. Hello Alireza, Could you please send me the complete output of "show mpls l2transport vc detail" on asr and also the equivalent out put on Juniper. This email may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient.

Any review, use, distribution or disclosure by others is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient or authorized to receive for the recipientplease contact the sender by reply email and delete all copies of this message. The connectivity was provided by using GRE tunnel between two devices and static routing is used.

Vitkovsky at gamma. Vitkovsky gamma. The contents of this email are confidential to the ordinary user of the email address to which it was addressed. This email is not intended to create any legal relationship. No one else may place any reliance upon it, or copy or forward all or any of it in any form unless otherwise notified.

juniper xconnect configuration

Thank you man I will test this. I ran into the same thing below. Please configure vc type 5 on Juniper and check if the l2vpn establishes. I will check this. On juniper side inner vlan id is same as side. When both sides use same vlan id, L2VPN is established. I must mention between and m I have gre tunnel with static routing. BUT At no traffic is sent over L2vpn toward m I checked this scenario while both PEs are Any idea about this issue? We doing basic implementation in software but there is no hardware support for GRE.

Another thing which I should mention is I tested the case when both sides uses same vlan—id. Seems quite logical to me. Works just fine. Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug nethelp.

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What do you mean? ASR ? Thank you for your helpSo can we create on same interface? No, we cannot. There are two different services and not supported together. The pseudowire tunnel transports Ethernet encapsulated traffic from an access node for example, a DSLAM to the MX Series router that hosts the subscriber management services.

The MX Series router end of the pseudowire tunnel is similar to a physical Ethernet, and is the point at which subscriber management is performed. Sign In. Global Communities. Community Resources.

Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Will it will be supported on the same subinterface? If someone got the chance to explore it, please share the configuration. Please help and share your valuable inputs. Thanks for your support. Message 1 of 4 6, Views. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Juniper Edge Routing Switch E!

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Version: 9. Active Hotfixes:! Copyright c Juniper Networks, Inc.

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All rights reserved. Commands displayed are limited to those available at privilege level 15! Message 2 of 4 6, Views. Well I guess the latest Junos release does support such feature. Message 3 of 4 5, Views. I saw you're using E series router.Interworking type is Ethernet. Destination address: 2. Last error: Local access circuit is not ready for label advertise. Preferred path: not configured. Default path: no route. No adjacency. Create time:last status change time: 4d10h. Last label FSM state change time: Signaling protocol: LDP, peer 2.

Targeted Hello: 1. Graceful restart: not configured and not enabled. Non stop routing: not configured and not enabled. Group ID: local 8, remote unknown. MTU: localremote unknown.

Remote interface description:. Sequencing: receive disabled, send disabled. Control Word: On configured: autosense. VC statistics:. Could you please provide the output for "show mpls ldp discovery" and "show mpls ldp nei" from the cisco side. Discovery Sources:. LDP Id: 2. Targeted Hellos:. Peer LDP Ident: 2.

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